Here at Armorvue, we carry several different home improvement products and provide a number of different services. The products we carry are some of the highest quality, most dependable products you can find on the market. They are also incredibly customizable, thereby ensuring that we are able to meet your many unique needs.

Replacement Windows

We offer a huge variety of replacement windows. This includes double hung windows, casement and awning windows, slider windows, bay and bow windows, picture windows, garden windows, hopper windows, shaped windows, and glass block windows. There are a wide range of customization options available for these windows as well, from the look of the windows down to the glass used in them. In fact, we can fit your replacement windows with several types of Energy Star labeled glass, thereby ensuring that they are as energy-efficient as possible.


When it comes to doors, Armorvue installs some of the most durable, energy-efficient, longest-lasting, and beautiful doors on the market. We offer a wide range of entry door options that are fully customizable, meaning that you can choose from numerous door styles including doors with or without one or multiple glass panels, door hardware, stains and colors, accessories (such as deadbolts, electronic locks, mail slots, kick plates, pet doors, door knockers, and much more), sidelites, and transoms. We also carry patio doors and storm doors.

Our doors are built to last. This means that they will withstand wear and tear for much longer than other types of entry doors. They are also built to be energy efficient and help reduce noise infiltration. If you choose to install our sidelites or transoms along with your entry door, you’ll find that we have countless configurations available along with a huge variety of glass panel design options, all of which are available with Low-E glass.


Your roof is arguably the most important feature of your home when it comes to protecting you and your family against the elements. The roof, after all, is the first line of defense. It’s why Armorvue installs one of the highest-rated shingles in the roofing industry — Atlas. Pinnacle Pristine shingles are extremely durable, energy-efficient (their shingles are certified by Energy Star), and beautiful. In fact, not only are there 19 different colors to choose from, thereby ensuring that you can install a roof system that will complement your home style, but you can apply Scotchgard to the shingles as well, which help to preserve your roof’s curb appeal by preventing black algae streaks.


We install high performance, energy-efficient vinyl siding, which is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Our vinyl siding is incredibly durable. This is a result of being manufactured using PureStrength vinyl resin, which provides it with its strength and weather resistance. The use of this resin also helps prevent moisture from getting into your home.  Additionally, the use of TruShield impact modifiers help provide exceptional impact resistance, while DesignersChoice pigment concentrates, StayRight vinyl stabilizers, and Ti-Shield titanium oxide help to maintain the siding’s beautiful color.

Patio Covers

A patio can greatly improve the enjoyment and value of a home. However, the challenge of having a patio lies in being able to use it during inclement weather and protecting it from the elements in general. Installing a patio cover is the perfect solution to these challenges. Our Armorvue Patio Cover provides protection against snow, rain, hail, heat, and debris.

The patio cover is easy to install and has a flexible header that adjusts to the pitch of the roof. Its installation won’t affect your property’s curb appeal either since it comes with crown molding that conceals the fasteners giving it a beautiful, finished look. To protect against leaks and water damage, the patio cover is available with our extruded gutter and downspout kit. Finally, a Krystal Kote finish helps to prevent scratches and discoloration.

If you prefer to enclose your entire patio, then consider having one of our screen rooms installed. By screening in your patio, you’ll keep out insects and debris while still enjoying the view and fresh air.

For more information about any of these products, contact us at Armorvue Home Exteriors today.