Garden Windows

Garden windows are very similar to bay windows. The main difference is that although they protrude from the exterior in the same manner, they tend to be smaller, making them a perfect fit for kitchen or bathroom spaces. What makes garden windows unique is the little nook that they create on the inside, which gives you additional space to decorate your home. Many homeowners use their garden windows to display potted plants or flowers (hence the name “garden window”).

While providing creative decorating opportunities, garden windows add a stylistic addition to your home’s architecture, thereby boosting curb appeal. They can also crank open to let a breeze in and help bring in more natural light.

Our Platinum Series GardenVue™ windows include an R-9 Super Seat, which was designed using high-density polyisocyanurate to help reduce condensation and improve thermal efficiency. Additionally, the possibility of water intrusion is eliminated due to the welded sill pan, which boasts a built-in weep system.

Garden windows are a great option for your home, especially if you’re looking for ways to improve your property’s curb appeal. However, you won’t find garden windows that are as aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient, or structurally sound as ours.

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